DWELL - "Italian Copper Planters"

I was looking at some large scale planters for our back patio, and fell in love with these:
(Copper Planter - $495) 

Until I looked at the price...even the SALE price was way out of my league!

So, I started to look around at what I had laying about the house.
 These rather worn, scratched and dirty (but large!) pots came with the house when we bought it.
 I had been using them as sawhorses up until now- yeah, they are that big! 

I laid out these, and a couple of smaller ones I picked up at Home D for $7 on clearance.

I scrubbed them, and attached the "top" to the "bottom" to form the urn shape I was craving. 
I attached them by drilling some holes, threading a bolt and uses nut/washer to secure on the other side. I also added generous globs of outdoor adhesive in between.

After they were secure, I spray painted them a gorgeous hammered copper color that I have used before and works well on a variety of surfaces. Once I was pleased with the color, I turned them upside down and dumped half a bag of cement in each on to make sure they were heavy enough to stand up straight and not tip over easily. After the cement was dry, I flipped them back up and filled the bottoms of the upper part with washed marble gravel (making sure my drain holes were working) and then with dirt. I then antiqued the carved areas to make them look a little more interesting and less flat. 

I filled them up with a combination of a few clearance grasses from home depot and the remainder are leftover flowers and vines I dug up around the property.

My own version of "copper urns" for a grand total of $24 for both. Not too shabby!